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If you know who I am that’s great and if you don’t I’m a DJ who’s been mixing house music for the last 12 years so where have you been until now?

Have a look around to find out more about me and most importantly to feast your ears on a super sized collection of house music mixes.

Everything’s FREE and comes with a pre-packed Northern Monkey seal of approval so turn your speakers up loud and enjoy the ride it’s disco time…

My Music

My mixes wander through the styles because that’s what I think keeps a mix interesting so regardless of the genre if it flows I’m happy.

There’s vocal, funky, tech, progressive, trance, minimal, tribal and techno sounding beats making their presence felt somewhere in my mixes so all that remains is for you to do is go and explore.

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Live Shows

I’ve been broadcasting live web radio shows for over 5 years and you will usually find me spinning tunes on a Sunday evening.

Keep an eye on My Blog or my social media profiles for details of when and where I’m next spinning live.

You can also visit Monkey TV to watch simultaneous video broadcasts of any live web radio shows that happen.

I love the interaction with those listening and it’s probably the bit about DJ’ing that I enjoy the most.

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