Who Am I?

An exiled Northerner from Oldham, Manchester and I moved to London at the start of 2000.

Laid back and easy-going I’m at my happiest when there’s house music shaking the walls that surround me or when I’m fiddling with knobs and tunes on the decksHouse music puts me at peace with the world…

Away from the decks my two other passions are a band from Manchester by the name of James and a football team that for 26+ years brought me more pain than gain – Manchester City.

I’m settled down South these days but still crave all things Northern. Chips & Gravy and cheap Ale sit nicely at the top of the I miss the most list.

What Do I do?

I’m just your average kinda guy holding down a full-time job that squeezes time on the decks into my life whenever I can.

If I’m not spinning music I’m usually listening to it and if that isn’t the case then it’s likely I’ll be watching sport or putting my button pressing skills to the test trying to enjoy a bit of FIFA on the PS4.

In truth though you’re probably here for the music so you can listen to My Mixes on this website or subscribe to the DJ Northern Monkey Podcast and both options are FREE!

If you like what you hear you’ll find me spinning live web radio shows most Sunday evenings so keep an eye on My Blog, Facebook and/or Twitter profiles for details of when and where I’m spinning live.

Musical Influences

Who and what’s influenced me over the years is a very long and detailed list and I aim to give you more of an insight on Mv Blog.

It started with the Madchester scene in the late 80’s through to more recent times spent at a night called The Gallery at Turnmills, London.  In between there was a lazy Café Del Mar vibe going on for a couple of years in tandem with trips to Cream, Liverpool and festivals such as CreamfieldsSW4 & Lovebox were also a frequent mark on that year’s calendar.

I love live gigs and I’ve been to plenty over the years.  My favourites without a doubt have been James, Groove Armada, Basement Jaxx and probably Faithless.  I’ve seen all of them live on more than three occasions!

Along with a host of other sounds/events there’s something about music that just strikes a chord with me and as a consequence I try to convey my feelings & emotions in any mix that I put together.

There’s a story behind each one truth be told and your first clue is in the title!

My Equipment

I purchased my first bit of DJ equipment in 2001 which was a second-hand Numark CD Mix-2 suitcase sized toy and I loved it!

By 2003 I was well on my way and I’d upgraded to a pair of Numark Axis 9’s that sat along side a Behringer mixer.

As 2006 passed me by I’d gone another step further by upgrading to a pair of Pioneer CDJ 1000 Mk3’s and a second Behringer mixer.

In 2009 I embraced digital technology and Traktor Scratch Duo, a Kontrol X1 and a laptop became part of my setup which meant no more hunting around for tracks amongst a mountain of CDs!

Lastly as 2012 arrived I decided to sell the CDJ’s, Kontrol X1 & Traktor Scratch Duo and settled on a move towards the Traktor Kontrol S2 and that’s what I’m using at the moment…